REST calls for channels and merchants

Basic structure of the REST-URI:[&filter=kriterium]

The call of the REST interface requires the authentication with user name and password as well as the approval of the user for the concerned channel in TB.One resp. TB.Market. To be able to execute REST-Calls, the called system (TB.One/TB.Market) must have an API user that is approved for calling data from a defined channel.

Required Fields

Placeholder Description
(HNR) Account number/Merchant code
(TARGET) Resource group where the call aims to
(CHID) The channel-ID can be retrieved from the related channel-specific manual. If the API user has no approval for the current channel-ID, a call is not possible.

Return values

In general, each REST call gets an XML answer. You receive either the requested result or a status message that is accompanied by a status code in the HTTP header to indicate the successful or failed processing.

In addition to the respective content, you must take into account the http status code (header) response:

  • 200 (all codes beginning with 2xx): call/processing successfully.
  • 400 (all codes starting with 4xx): call not successful or request failed.
  • 500 (all codes starting with 5xx): faulty processing

REST calls

Elements in brackets () must be replaced by actual values, elements in squared brackets [] are optional.