Article components – A_COMPONENTDATA

Components on article level (see also P_COMPONENTDATA) differ for each article, but do not form variants.


A USB flash drive has the variants at memory size 32GB and 64GB. Depending on the memory size, the speed is different – 32 and 45MB/s. But there is no stick with 32GB and 45MB/s and no one with 64GB and 32MB/s. The access speed could be stored as an article component here.

Please make sure during import that the components of A_VARIANTDATA (variant dimension) and A_COMPONENTDATA (additional, informing article property) are different from each other!


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
A_COMPONENTDATA N Start of the variant definition
Element: A_COMPONENT Y Value of the variant dimension
Attribute: identifier Y Flag for referencing; at TB.IO, the identifier is always "name".
Attribute: key Y String(100) Value for assignment statement, i.e. name of the article component
Attribute: name N String(100) During import, this attribute allows to fill the designation field.
Sub-element: VALUE Y String(255) Contains the valus for the superordinated node; may occur once per language
Attribute: xml:lang Y ISO ISO code according ISO-639

Superordinate element:

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Example XML

<A_COMPONENTDATA> <A_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Speed"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">45 MB/s</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">45 MB/s</VALUE> </A_COMPONENT> </A_COMPONENTDATA>