Shipping and accounting address – SELL_TO and SHIP_TO

The shipping address (SHIP_TO) is mandatory, the invoice address (SELL_TO) is optional. If only the shipping address is provided, it is assumed that accounting address and shipping address are the same. The name information of the concerned recipient can be provided separated into two fields (first name last name) or concatenated in one field (name). One of the name information is mandatory.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
SELL_TO N typeCustomer Starts the address data of the invoice recipient
SHIP_TO Y typeCustomer Starts the address data of the goods recipient
Element: TB_ID N INT Unique database ID from TB.One; only included in the export to the merchant
Element: CHANNEL_NO N CHAR(50) Customer number at the concerned distribution channel
Element: TITLE N CHAR(20) Salutation
Element: FIRSTNAME Y CHAR(50) First name of the customer
Element: LASTNAME Y CHAR(50) Last name of the customer
Element: NAME Y CHAR(100) Composite customer name
Element: NAME_EXTENSION N CHAR(100) Name suffix
Element: STREET_NO Y CHAR(100) Street and house number
Element: STREET_EXTENSION N CHAR(100) Address supplement
Element: ZIP Y CHAR(10) Postal code
Element: CITY Y CHAR(50) Town
Element: COUNTRY Y CHAR(5) Country code ALPHA 2 (e.g. “DE”)
Element: PHONE_PRIVATE N CHAR(50) Private phone number
Element: PHONE_OFFICE N CHAR(50) Business phone number
Element: PHONE_MOBILE N CHAR(50) Cell phone number
Element: EMAIL N CHAR(80) E-mail address
Element: BIRTHDAY N DATE Customer's date of birth
Element: VAT_ID N CHAR(20) Value added tax identification number

Superordinate element:

Example XML

<SELL_TO> <TB_ID>27</TB_ID> <CHANNEL_NO>5607865</CHANNEL_NO> <TITLE>Dr.</TITLE> <FIRSTNAME>John</FIRSTNAME> <LASTNAME>Doe</LASTNAME> <STREET_NO>Teststraße 5</STREET_NO> <STREET_EXTENSION>Hinterhaus</STREET_EXTENSION> <ZIP>12345</ZIP> <CITY>Musterhausen</CITY> <COUNTRY>DE</COUNTRY> <PHONE_PRIVATE>123</PHONE_PRIVATE> <EMAIL></EMAIL> </SELL_TO> <SHIP_TO> <CHANNEL_NO>5607865</CHANNEL_NO> <NAME>Jane Doe</NAME> <NAME_EXTENSION>XY GmbH</NAME_EXTENSION> <STREET_NO>Industriestraße 5</STREET_NO> <ZIP>12345</ZIP> <CITY>Musterhausen</CITY> <COUNTRY>DE</COUNTRY> </SHIP_TO> Only export <!– preferred format of the name –> <!– alternative format of the name –>