Variant dimensions – P_VARIANTFIELDS

If a product has more than one article, it has at least one variant dimension. This node gives an overview over the variant dimensions used in the articles. Within the article data, the values for the dimensions are provided per article.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
P_VARIANTFIELDS N Variant dimensions
Element: P_VARIANTFIELD Y Variant dimension
Attribute: identifier Y ENUM Flag for referencing; in the range of TB.IO, the identifier is always "name".
Attribute: key Y String(100) Value for assignment statement, i.e. name of the variant dimension
Attribute: name N String(100) During import, this attribute allows to fill the designation field.

Superordinate element:

Example XML

<P_VARIANTFIELDS> <P_VARIANTFIELD identifier="name" key="Size" /> <P_VARIANTFIELD identifier="name" key="Colour" /> </P_VARIANTFIELDS>