Basics about data exchange

The operator of a marketplace or a platform wants to receive product data from merchants to process them within a web-shop. Due to the decision to use the interface of Tradebyte, the data is provided by a TB.One.

After the provision of the product data in the web-shop, orders of end customers will be received. The order data needs to be passed on to the supplier. After that, the related dispatch advices, cancellation, and returns messages must be transferred from the supplier to the channel via TB.One.

Please note that extensions/changes of the interface are reserved. We are committed to providing you and our TB.One partners the greatest scope, therefore, enhancement of the interface may be required. Higher releases are normally compatible to former releases.

Product data Order data Messages
Process overview Full and Delta loads Referencing of data Multilingualism Product data in the TB.CAT Examples for product data catalogues Process overview Structure of an order in TB.Order format Example order Structure and content of order messages Example messages

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