Example: Product without variants, multilingual

<!– Coding –> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!– TB.Cat version and creation time –> <TBCATALOG version="1.3" creation="1378277984"> <!– Product data in request mode "Full-Load" –> <PRODUCTDATA type="full"> <!– Start product 1 –> <PRODUCT> <!– At export: unique ID of the product; at import: unique product number of the merchant –> <P_NR>87</P_NR> <!– Product number of the merchant (only export) –> <P_NR_EXTERNAL>5986</P_NR_EXTERNAL> <!– Date of the last product change (only export) –> <P_CHANGEDATE type="unix_timestamp">1378275377</P_CHANGEDATE> <!– Creation time of the product in TB.One (only export) –> <P_CREATEDATE type="unix_timestamp">1365784128</P_CREATEDATE> <!– Activation flag for destination channel (at export always=1) –> <P_ACTIVEDATA> <P_ACTIVE channel="cudokuacc1">1</P_ACTIVE> </P_ACTIVEDATA> <!– Product designation German/English –> <P_NAME> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Outdoor-Jacke Reinhold</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">Outdoor-Jacket Reinhold</VALUE> </P_NAME> <!– Product description German/English –> <P_TEXT> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Die Outdoorjacke "Reinhold" ist eine außergewöhnlich robuste und funktionale Jacke! Durch das innovative Material bietet sie eine enorme Widerstandsfähigkeit und einen effektiven Schutz vor Wind und Witterung, Kälte, Nässe und Sturm. Die Outdoorjacke "Reinhold" ist ein anpassungsfähiger Allrounder, die Sie das ganze Jahr begeistern wird.</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">The outdoor jacket "Reinhold" is an exceptionally sturdy and functional jacket! The innovative material offers enormous durability and effective protection from wind and weather, cold, wet, and storm. The outdoor jacket "Reinhold" is a very flexible all-rounder for the whole year, which will inspire you.</VALUE> </P_TEXT> <!– Brand –> <P_BRAND identifier="name" key="Superjackenmeister" /> <!– Keywords German/English –> <P_KEYWORDS> <P_KEYWORD> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Kapuzenjacke</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">hoodie jacket</VALUE> </P_KEYWORD> <P_KEYWORD> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Anorak</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">Anorak</VALUE> </P_KEYWORD> <P_KEYWORD> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Funktionskleidung</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">functional clothing</VALUE> </P_KEYWORD> </P_KEYWORDS> <!– Components (NOT variant dimensions); values in German/English, translation of the designation via "Basic data > Properties > Components" –> <P_COMPONENTDATA> <P_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Breite"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">110cm</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">110cm</VALUE> </P_COMPONENT> <P_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Farbe"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">blau</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">blue</VALUE> </P_COMPONENT> </P_COMPONENTDATA> <!– Attributes (Translation via designation field at "Basic data > Properties > Attributes" –> <P_TAGS> <P_TAG identifier='name' key='Target group'> <VALUES> <VALUE identifier="name" key="adult male" /> </VALUES> </P_TAG> </P_TAGS> <!– Bullet points German/English –> <P_BULLETS> <P_BULLET sort="10"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">atmungsaktiv</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">breathable</VALUE> </P_BULLET> <P_BULLET sort="20"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">wasserdicht</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">waterproof</VALUE> </P_BULLET> <P_BULLET sort="30"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">winddicht</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">windproof</VALUE> </P_BULLET> </P_BULLETS> <!– Product media –> <P_MEDIADATA> <P_MEDIA type="image" sort="0">http://foo.server/1.jpg</P_MEDIA> <P_MEDIA type="image" sort="1">http://foo.server/2.jpg</P_MEDIA> </P_MEDIADATA> <!– Categories (different types available: primary, secundary channel category, internal category) –> <P_CATEGORIES> <P_CATEGORY channel="chxx" type="primary" identifier="name" key="Herren|Jacken|Freizeit" /> </P_CATEGORIES> <!– Links –> <P_LINKDATA> <P_LINK type="cross">568</P_LINK> <P_LINK type="accessory">894</P_LINK> </P_LINKDATA> <!– Start of the article data –> <ARTICLEDATA> <!– Start article 1–> <ARTICLE> <!– Article number (SKU) of the merchant –> <A_NR>5986</A_NR> <!– unique article ID from TB.One –> <A_ID>105</A_ID> <!– Date of the last change in TB.One –> <A_CHANGEDATE type="unix_timestamp">1376396744</A_CHANGEDATE> <!– Creation time of the article in TB.One –> <A_CREATEDATE type="unix_timestamp">1357648848</A_CREATEDATE> <!– Activation flag of the article –> <A_ACTIVE>1</A_ACTIVE> <!– Artikel-EAN –> <A_EAN>4250372205442</A_EAN> <!– Manufacturer's article number –> <A_PROD_NR>56894</A_PROD_NR> <!– Article number 2 –> <A_NR2>381059</A_NR2> <!– Article components (NOT variant forming)–> <A_COMPONENTDATA> <A_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Ausschnitt"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">V-Ausschnitt</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">V-neck</VALUE> </A_COMPONENT> </A_COMPONENTDATA> <!– Article attributes –> <A_TAGS> <A_TAG identifier='name' key='Basisfarbe'> <VALUES> <VALUE identifier="name" key="blau" /> </VALUES> </A_TAG> </A_TAGS> <!– Start of the price data –> <A_PRICEDATA> <!– Destination channel and currency –> <A_PRICE channel="chxx" currency="EUR"> <!– Gros retail price –> <A_VK>87.99</A_VK> <!– Former retail price (cross price) –> <A_VK_OLD>109.95</A_VK_OLD> <!– Manufacturer's suggested retail price –> <A_UVP>120.00</A_UVP> <!– VAT definition, here: normal –> <A_MWST>2</A_MWST> <!– Channel purchase price –> <A_EK>59.90</A_EK> </A_PRICE> </A_PRICEDATA> <!– Article media –> <A_MEDIADATA> <A_MEDIA type="image" sort="1">http://foo.server/blau.jpg</A_MEDIA> <A_MEDIA type="image" sort="2">http://foo.server/bldet.jpg</A_MEDIA> </A_MEDIADATA> <!– Retail unit of the article –> <A_UNIT>ST</A_UNIT> <!– Stock –> <A_STOCK>20</A_STOCK> <!– Delivery time in days –> <A_DELIVERY_TIME channel="chxx">3</A_DELIVERY_TIME> <!– 1 = replaceable –> <A_REPLACEMENT>1</A_REPLACEMENT> <!– Replacement time in days –> <A_REPLACEMENT_TIME>5</A_REPLACEMENT_TIME> <!– Minimum order quantity –> <A_ORDER_MIN>1</A_ORDER_MIN> <!– Maximum order quantity –> <A_ORDER_MAX>2</A_ORDER_MAX> <!– Order quantity interval –> <A_ORDER_INTERVAL>1</A_ORDER_INTERVAL> <!– Shipping type –> <A_PARCEL type="MeinVersand"> <!– Number of package pieces –> <A_PIECES>2</A_PIECES> <!– Package dimensions in cm –> <A_WIDTH>90</A_WIDTH> <A_HEIGHT>30</A_HEIGHT> <A_LENGTH>50</A_LENGTH> <!– Package weight in kg –> <A_WEIGHT>2.4</A_WEIGHT> </A_PARCEL> <!– Tradestat information –> <A_TRADESTAT> <!– Country of origin –> <A_ORG_COUNTRY alpha2="DE"/> <!– Number of the Tradestat category –> <A_TRADESTAT_NR>94036090</A_TRADESTAT_NR> </A_TRADESTAT> <!– End article 1 –> </ARTICLE> <!– End article data –> </ARTICLEDATA> <!– End product 1 –> </PRODUCT> <!– Further products may follow here –> <!– End of the product data –> </PRODUCTDATA> <!– End of the product data catalogue –> </TBCATALOG>