Product description – P_TEXT

Each product must be provided with a description text as detailed and channel-neutral as possible and without bullets and formatting. The description text should be concise and plain continuous text and it should highlight special characteristics of the product that may be not visible on pictures. The text is intended as descriptive text on the product detail page in a web-shop.

To be able to use the text as versatilely as possible, a length between 300 and 2000 characters is recommended. Avoid personal addressing and don’t mention own web-shops or similar.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
P_TEXT N Product description as continuous text
Element: VALUE Y String Contains the value for the superordinate node; may occur once per language
Attribute: xml:lang Y ISO ISO code according ISO-639

Superordinate element:

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Example XML

<P_TEXT> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Die Outdoorjacke "Reinhold" ist eine außergewöhnlich robuste und funktionale Jacke! Durch das innovative G-1000 Eco und G-1000 Heavy Duty-Material bietet sie eine enorme Widerstandsfähigkeit und einen effektiven Schutz vor Wind und Witterung, Kälte, Nässe und Sturm. Die Outdoorjacke "Reinhold" ist ein sehr anpassungsfähiger Allrounder für das ganze Jahr, die Sie begeistern wird. </VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">The outdoor jacket "Reinhold" is an exceptionally sturdy and functional jacket! The innovative material offers enormous durability and effective protection from wind and weather, cold, wet, and storm. The outdoor jacket "Reinhold" is a very flexible all-rounder for the whole year, which will inspire you.</VALUE> </P_TEXT>