Article media – A_MEDIADATA

Since TB.One does not only handle images but also other file types we refer to according data as media. Within the TB.CAT, the passing on of media takes place by means of a reference (HTTP) to the Tradebyte servers. Each media reference is accompanied by the media type.

Generally, we differentiate between product and article media. Product media are valid for the whole product (stack image), article media are the explicit pictures for a variant.

The Tradebyte servers may only be used as transfer counter for the media. The media have to be downloaded once and to be stored for further use. The media URL mustn’t be referenced in the shop directly. The provided media are original size. The media behind a media URL don’t change. If there is new media for a product, a new media URL has to be provided. This means that media may not (and need not) be retrieved again for checking the up-to-dateness.

Article media is media on article/variant level with direct article relation (e.g. picture of a colour variant).


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
A_MEDIADATA N Article media
Element: A_MEDIA Y String(255) URL to article medium. If a picture is valid for several variants, the URL must be repeated for every variant.
Attribute: type Y String(50) Media type
Attribute: sort Y INT Sorting within the article media
Attribute: origname N String(255) Original name of the file

Superordinate element:

Example XML

<A_MEDIADATA> <A_MEDIA type="image" sort='1'>http://www.imageserver.tld/123.jpg</P_MEDIA> <A_MEDIA type="image" sort='2'>http://www.imageserver.tld/124.jpg</P_MEDIA> </A_MEDIADATA>