Full and Delta loads

Content of full and delta loads

A product data catalogue can include all valid products, including all applicable articles ("full") or only modified products and articles ("delta"). A delta load provides complete data per included product (including all possible variants), but only articles that have changed since the last time stamp. Not modified products are not included in a delta load and don't need to be processed further.

An inventory data catalog contains either the stock of all products valid at the time of retrieval and included in the last product catalog ("full") or only the inventory changes since the last polling time ("delta").

Processing sequence of Full/Delta loads

In general, the retrieved product data and inventory information is complete and must be processed in the order in which they were created and passed on. This can be seen by means of the given time stamp.

<TBSTOCK changedate="1378374296">


<TBCATALOG channel="chxx" creation="1359555698">

As inventory information will be explicitly included in the product data, the following principles apply to the sequence of processing:

Delta loads must always be fully processed in the order of creation. A later retrieved full load supersedes all previously retrieved delta exports of the same type of poll, i.e. a full load of stock information supersedes all previously retrieved delta inventory loads. A full load of the complete product data always replaces all previously retrieved delta loads regardless of whether product or stock information was retrieved in the delta loads.

A full load of product data is per default only permitted once a day. A full load of stock data is per default only permitted once an hour. Please agree with your Tradebyte contact upon the time of full load.

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