Order items – ITEM


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
ITEMS Start of the order items
ITEM typeItem Single order item; may occur as often as needed
Element: TB_ID INT Unique item number across all orders from TB.One (only export)
Element: CHANNEL_ID Y String(50) Item number of the distribution channel (if transmitted) or sequential number of the item within the order. The order item number must be unique within this order and is required for identifying an order item in further communication.
Element: SKU Y String(50) Article number from TB.One as transferred beforehand with the product/article data
Element: CHANNEL_SKU N String(50) Article number of the distribution channel. This is mostly relevant in the communication with the end customer
Element: EAN N INT(13) EAN
Element: QUANTITY Y INT Order quantity
Element: BILLING_TEXT N String(255) Invoice text of the order item. This can be provided optionally and is relevant for a possible receipt creation. If the invoice text is not transmitted by the channel, the article name from TB.One is supplied.
Element: TRANSFER_PRICE N FLOAT Article price net
Attribute: currency N String(3) Currency sign
Element: ITEM_PRICE Y FLOAT Gros retail price (per piece, quantity 1)
Attribute: currency N String(3) Currency sign
Element: DELIVERY_TIME N INT Delivery time in business days indicated at the time of customer order
Element: DATE_CREATED Y dateTime Creation date (import date) of the order item in TB.One (only export)
Element: SERVICES/SERVICE N Item related services (e.g. gift wrapping)
Sub-element: CODE Y String Service code
Sub-element: DESC Y String(100) Description of the service
Sub-element: PRICE Y FLOAT Cost of the service with 2 decimal digits
Attribute: currency N String(3) Currency flag of the service costs

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