Referencing of data

The provided information is included based upon the name (designation) defined by the sender. This is indicated by the transferred attribute "identifier= name". The designation/name is then identified with the attribute "key=<name/ designation>". The content is then shown as XML value in case that the information is relevant.

<P_BRAND identifier="name" key="Superjackenmeister" /> <P_COMPONENTDATA> <P_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Breite"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">30cm</VALUE> </P_COMPONENT> <P_COMPONENT identifier="name" key="Farbe"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">GrĂ¼n</VALUE> </P_COMPONENT> </P_COMPONENTDATA> <P_TAGS> <P_TAG identifier='name' key='Zielgruppe'> <VALUES> <VALUE identifier="name" key="Herren" /> </VALUES> </P_TAG> </P_TAGS> <!– Node for brand –> <!– Node for components –> <!– Component "Width" –> <!– Value of the width –> <!– Component "Colour" –> <!– Value of the colour –> <!– Node for attributes –>