Data exchange via REST

The data exchange between TB.One and the channel takes place by means of an XML file. Time stamps match in general the format "Unix Timestamps", i.e. seconds since 01.01.1970 00:00 UTC. Please negotiate the data exchange with your Tradebyte contact. They will also give you access credentials.

  • You must always use the current versions of the XML schemes.
  • The connection to an active TB.One requires the agreement of the account owner.
  • In the course of development, Tradebyte provides according test systems after exchanging an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • REST calls may only be sent sequential, i.e. not several time at a time.
  • Error codes 4xx/5xx must necessarily be processed and handled.
  • At error code 4xx, the same call mustn't be repeated.
  • At error code 5xx, the same call may be repeated after 10 minutes at the earliest and max. 5 times.
  • Only complete XML files are allowed (validation of XML scheme required).
  • Data calls:
  • Product data (Full) – once per day
  • Product data (Delta) – max. once per hour
  • Stocks (Full) – max. once per hour
  • Stocks (Delta) – max. every 10 minutes

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