Activation flag – P_ACTIVEDATA

In TB.One, products and articles are activated separately. Articles have an own “active” flag that controls the availability of the article. Products (main products, variant-spanning) are activated and deactivated explicitly per channel using <P_ACTIVEDATA>.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
P_ACTIVEDATA N Starts the channel-specific activation flags. If this node is part of the import file, the further elements are mandatory.
Element: P_ACTIVE Y BOOLEAN Possible values: 0 (not activated), 1 (activated) Serves during import for the activation of the product for the channels mentioned in the attribute. The node may occur as often as needed within the import file. In the export file, the value is always 1 as only activated products are included in the export file.
Attribute: channel Y String(12) In general a 4-digit sign (not ID) of the channel where the product should be activated for.

Superordinate element:

Example XML

<P_ACTIVEDATA> <P_ACTIVE channel="zade">1</P_ACTIVE> <P_ACTIVE channel="amde">0</P_ACTIVE> </P_ACTIVEDATA> <!– Node for the channel-specific activation –> <!– Product active for –> <!– Product inactive for –>