Bullet points – P_BULLETS

In addition to continuous texts and components, further “key features” of products can be transferred as bullet points. The usage of this information depends on the channel. For most channels, the stored bullet points can be added to the continuous text descriptions by means of special product text configuration options.

Bullet points should not repeat the information stored as component as this may cause double information in the description.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
P_BULLETS N Bullet points; if the node is provided, the further elements are mandatory
Element: P_BULLET Y Single bullet point; may occur as often as needed
Attribute: sort Y INT Sorting within the bullet points
Sub-element: VALUE Y String(255) Contains the value for the superordinate node; may occur once per language
Attribute: xml:lang Y ISO ISO code according ISO-639

Superordinate element:

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Example XML

<P_BULLETS> <P_BULLET sort="10"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">atmungsaktiv</VALUE> </P_BULLET> <P_BULLET sort="20"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">wasserdicht</VALUE> </P_BULLET> </P_BULLETS> <P_BULLETS> <P_BULLET sort="30"> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">winddicht</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">wind proof</VALUE> </P_BULLET> </P_BULLETS> <!– Bullet point 1, monolingual –> <!– Value –> <!– Bullet point 2 –> <!– Value –> <!– Bullet point, multilingual –> <!– Definition language1 + value –> <!– Definition language2 + value –>