Search terms – P_KEYWORDS

Search terms are intended to help the end customer finding a product. Either they are directly used by the shop for the search within the shop or they are registered as SEO so that products can be found e.g. with a Google search. Search terms are part of the master data and should therefore be created as generic as possible, so that they can be exported to all channels supporting search terms.

Recommended are at least 5 search terms with up to 50 characters per term. Use expedient, significant search terms which a customer may use to find this product.


Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
P_KEYWORDS N Start of the search terms
Element: P_KEYWORD Y Single search term; may occur as often as needed
Sub-element: VALUE Y String(255) Contains the value for the superordinate node; may occur once per language
Attribute: xml:lang Y ISO ISO code according ISO-639

Superordinate element:

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Example XML

<P_KEYWORDS> <P_KEYWORD> <VALUE xml:lang="de-DE">Anorak</VALUE> <VALUE xml:lang="en-US">Anorak</VALUE> </P_KEYWORD> </P_KEYWORDS>