Product – PRODUCT

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
PRODUCT Y Start of the product information
Attribute: mode N XML Is a product to be deleted, here <mode="delete"> is transferred. The default value is "update".
Element: P_NR Y String(50) The import requires that the node <P_NR> must provide a unique product number.. During export, the node <P_NR> contains a unique database-ID from TB.One.
Element: P_NR_EXTERNAL N String(50) The unique product number provided by the merchant during import is transferred to the web-shop at the export as <P_NR_EXTERNAL>. This is the product number of the supplier.
Element: P_CHANGEDATE N Unix The time stamp of the last product change is included in the export.
Element: P_CREATEDATE N Unix The time stamp of the product creation is included in the export.