Product article

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
ARTICLE Y Start of the article information
Element: A_NR Y String(50) Unique article number; min. 4 characters To be as compatible as possible with all distribution channels, the article number of the merchant shouldn’t include spaces and special characters, and shouldn’t exceed 16 characters.
Element: A_NR2 Y String(50) Second article number, e.g. article number of the manufacturer that can exported as article number if needed, e.g. if die <A_NR> is not unique at the channel.
Element: A_ID N INT Unique article-ID from TB.One; mustn’t provided during import
Element: A_CHANGEDATE N Unix The time stamp of the last article change is included in the export.
Element: A_CREATEDATE N Unix The time stamp of the article creation is included in the export.
Element: A_ACTIVE N BOOLEAN Cross-channel activation flag of the article; in the export always <A_ACTIVE>=1; deactivated articles are not included any more. If the import lists 0 as value, the article will be de-activated and excluded from future exports.
Element: A_EAN N INT(13) EAN code of the article (only EAN numbers with 13 digits are valid)
Element: A_PROD_NR N String(50) Manufacturer's article number
Element: A_NR2 N String(50) Additional optional article number
Element: A_SORT N INT Article sorting within the product