Product a_pricedata

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
A_PRICEDATA N Article prices
Element: A_EK N Decimal Only import; internal purchase price of the merchant
Element: A_PRICE Y Channel-specific price settings; may occur once per booked channel at import, the export only includes the block relevant for the channel.
Attribute: channel Y String(12) Channel sign, not ID; normally 4-digit sign
Attribute: currency N Currency sign
Sub-element: A_VK Y FLOAT Gros retail price
Sub-element: A_VK_OLD N FLOAT Cross price (former price)
Sub-element: A_UVP N FLOAT Manufacturer's suggested retail price
Sub-element: A_MWST N INT Flag for the VAT rate; 1 = reduced VAT; 2 = normal VAT; 3 = VAT free
Sub-element: A_EK N FLOAT Channel purchase price