Order payment

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
PAYMENT N typePAYMENT Starts the payment information. If the node is provided, there must be at least one sub-element.
Element: TYPE N String(50) Payment type, e.g. direct debit etc.
Element: COSTS N FLOAT Payment costs, 2 decimal places
Attribute: currency N String(3) Currency indicator for payment costs
Element: PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_ID N String(50) Payment transaction number (or, for example the release code for triggering the customer load, depending on payment type)
Element: PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_NR N String(50) Additional flag to identify the payment or flag of the customer (e.g. PayPal customer number)
Element: PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_NAME N String(100) Possibly differing customer name for payment
Element: PAYMENT_DATA N String Additional information for payment (usually only used at direct store connections)
Element: DIRECTDEBIT N Debit data
Sub-element: ACCOUNTNAME N String(50) Name of the account owner
Sub-element: ACCOUNTNR N String(50) Account number
Sub-element: BANKNAME N String(50) Bank name
Sub-element: BANKCODE N String(50) Bank code
Sub-element: IBAN N String(50) IBAN
Sub-element: BIC N String(20) BIC