Order address data

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
SELL_TO N typeCustomer Starts the address data of the invoice recipient
SHIP_TO Y typeCustomer Starts the address data of the goods recipient
Element: TB_ID N INT Unique database ID from TB.One; only included in the export to the merchant
Element: CHANNEL_NO N CHAR(50) Customer number at the concerned distribution channel
Element: TITLE N CHAR(20) Salutation
Element: FIRSTNAME Y CHAR(50) First name of the customer
Element: LASTNAME Y CHAR(50) Last name of the customer
Element: NAME Y CHAR(100) Composite customer name
Element: NAME_EXTENSION N CHAR(100) Name suffix
Element: STREET_NO Y CHAR(100) Street and house number
Element: STREET_EXTENSION N CHAR(100) Address supplement
Element: ZIP Y CHAR(10) Postal code
Element: CITY Y CHAR(50) Town
Element: COUNTRY Y CHAR(5) Country code ALPHA 2 (e.g. “DE”)
Element: PHONE_PRIVATE N CHAR(50) Private phone number
Element: PHONE_OFFICE N CHAR(50) Business phone number
Element: PHONE_MOBILE N CHAR(50) Cell phone number
Element: EMAIL N CHAR(80) E-mail address
Element: BIRTHDAY N DATE Customer's date of birth
Element: VAT_ID N CHAR(20) Value added tax identification number