Messages fields

Node Mandatory Data type (Length) Description
MESSAGE_LIST N Start of the message list
MESSAGE N typeMessage Start of a message; may occur as often as needed
Element: MESSAGE_ID N INT Unique number from TB.One (only export)
Element: MESSAGE_TYPE Y ENUM Message type, i.e. dispatch advice, cancellation, returns message etc.
Element: TB_ORDER_ID Y INT Unique number of the concerned order assigned by TB.One This is returned by the REST-API at transfer of the order from the channel to TB.One; in the export of the order from TB.One to the merchant, this node is included.
Element: TB_ORDER_ITEM_ID N INT Unique number of an item within the order assigned by TB.One Mandatory for item-related messages! Exceptions: Shipping cost and payment cost deductions
Element: SKU N String(50) Article number
Element: CHANNEL_SIGN N String(12) Channel sign (generally 4-letter sign)
Element: CHANNEL_ORDER_ID N String(50) Order number of the channel
Element: CHANNEL_ORDER_ITEM_ID N String(50) Item number of the channel
Element: CHANNEL_SKU N String(50) Channel article number
Element: QUANTITY Y INT Notification quantity for the provided message type
Element: CARRIER_PARCEL_TYPE N ENUM Package type
Element: IDCODE Y String(50) Dispatch advice: Tracking number for tracking the shipment. Here is the place for information that were entered by the merchant. Returns message: Tracking number of the return package.
Element: IDCODE_RETURN_PROPOSAL N String(50) Proposal of the merchant for the tracking number of a possible return package. If a value is transmitted, there will also be an ID code.
Element: DEDUCTION N FLOAT Price deduction in case of a return
Element: COMMENT N TEXT Comment
Element: RETURN_CAUSE N String(50) Return reason (in returns messages)
Element: RETURN_STATE N String(50) State of the returned goods (in returns messages)
Element: EST_SHIP_DATE N DATE Estimated delivery date (in order acknowledgement)
Element: PROCESSED N INT Flag “processed” (set by the channel); 0=not processed, 1=processed
Element: EXPORTED N INT Flag “exported” (set by the merchant); 0=not exported, 1=exported
Element: DATE_CREATED N DATETIME Creation time of the message in TB.One (only export)