The retrieval of stock data in "full load" contains all articles valid at the time of retrieval based upon the currently valid product data provision. At a call you’ll receive a file according to the following scheme:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <TBSTOCK changedate="1378374296"> <ARTICLE> <A_NR> 2700000022XL</A_NR> <A_STOCK>19</A_STOCK> </ARTICLE> <ARTICLE> <A_NR> 2700000022L</A_NR> <A_STOCK>47</A_STOCK> </ARTICLE> </TBSTOCK> <!– Creation time –>

The creation time stamp of the previous stock retrieval has to be used as value for “delta” at the next "delta" call. An exception is the poll for product data in full mode in the meantime.

A full load of stock data is per default only permitted once an hour. Please agree with your Tradebyte contact upon the time of full load.