If the stock data is retrieved as delta load, only those article stocks are provided that have changed since the specified time stamp "delta". At a call you’ll receive a file according to the following scheme:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <TBSTOCK changedate="1378374296"> <ARTICLE> <A_NR> 2700000022XL</A_NR> <A_STOCK>0</A_STOCK> </ARTICLE> <ARTICLE> <A_NR> 2700000022L</A_NR> <A_STOCK>47</A_STOCK> </ARTICLE> </TBSTOCK> <!– Article sold out –>

Please always transfer the creation time stamp of the previous stock data retrieval at the next "delta" call. Here it is absolutely irrelevant whether the last stock retrieval was a full or a delta load. An exception is the poll for product data in full mode in the meantime. Please regard the processing sequence of full/delta loads.

The retrieval of new inventory data (delta load) is allowed (in the standard) up to a maximum frequency of 15 minutes.