If the product data catalogue is retrieved as delta load, only those products are provided that have changed since the specified time stamp "delta". A delta load provides complete products including all currently assigned and valid articles and must be interpreted according to the logic described in Full and Delta loads. At a call you’ll receive a file according to the following scheme:

<TBCATALOG channel="chxx" creation="1359555698"> <PRODUCTDATA type="delta"> <!– delta request control: 1359554835 –> <Product 1> <Article 1-1> <Article 1-2> <Article 1-3> <Article 1-4> </PRODUCTDATA> </TBCATALOG> <!– Creation time –> <!– Request mode "Delta-Load" –> <!– requested time stamp –>

For this example, the starting point is that only the "Product 1" has been changed in the meantime.

Please always transfer the creation time stamp of the previous TB.Cat product data retrieval at the next "delta" call. Here it is absolutely irrelevant whether the last product data retrieval was a full or a delta load.