Actindo Core1 Tradebyte Connector

The connector enables an automated exchange of data such as product data, orders and stocks between TB.One and the Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform. Benefit from centrally managing all your sales channels within Actindo.

Software licence: Software as a service
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The one-of-a-kind Actindo Core1 combines your full system environment and customer touchpoints into a powerful overall platform. The Actindo Core 1 Digital Operations Platform enables brands to easily integrate touchpoints such as webshops, marketplaces or physical stores directly into their IT landscape.

The Tradebyte connector offers customers the possibility to integrate high-traffic marketplaces into the Actindo platform and to control them all centrally within our powerful Digital Operations Platform by fetching marketplace offers and orders from TB.One and exporting product data, order status and invoicing documents.

Included functions

  • Export of marketplace offers: Marketplace offers including all fields that can be maintained in Tradebyte with variants, product options & attributes.
  • Partial import of existing marketplace offers
  • Live transmission of stock levels
  • Order retrieval
  • Transmission of order status inkl. delivery status, payment status & tracking numbers
  • Transmission of invoice documents