Retrieve Stock Updates

from TB.One to your system


If you have imported products from TB.One to your system with the TB.Cat XML, you will probably want to update your stocks more frequently than other information as title or product pictures. 

For this purpose TB.One offers a stock endpoint in the REST-API. Here you can retrieve a TB.Stock XML, which is way smaller and faster than a full TB.Cat with all product information.

Best practices​

  1. It makes sense to define update frequency along with Delta- and Full-Article Imports. If you import a DELTA every hour there is no need to get a stock-update at the same time, since stock is included in Delta-update.
  2. Remember, a stock will exist for every SKU you have. So for example a T-Shirt would have a separate stock for each size or color you offer.
    Therefore in the TB.Stock you will get article-IDs (A_ID), not product-IDs (P_ID).
  3. In the stock update you can send 1, many or all items. Only the items included will be updated, everything else will be kept as it was.