Generate REST API credentials

in TB.One

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API credentials are needed to have any interaction with the TB.One REST-API.
The API user is a user like any other TB.One user with special rights settings.
You can create as many API users as you need for different purposes.


  1. You need an administrator login to the TB.One account you want to create an REST-API user for.


  1. Log into TB.One
  2. In the main menu go to Admin> User> Users
  3. On the next page click “New employee” on the left.
  4. Fill in data for user name, password, name and e-mail.
  5. Make sure you choose option API Nutzer
  6. Activate the channels the REST-API user has access to.
  7. Save and keep the credentials in a safe place.

Best practices​

  1. You should create a separate REST API user for each connected system.
  2. An API account can only be created if you are logged into TB.One as an account administrator.

Next Steps