Creation of a channel

documentation and classification


What is a classification?

The classification is a XML template for use in TB.One. This XML file contains your mapping specifications for

  • categories
  • brands
  • mandatory attributes and values
  • free texts and value tables

For what is a classification needed?

With the classification you determine e.g. your mandatory fields, the value lists and the creation of variants.
Once the classification is stored in the channel, the merchant can assign his data in TB.One according to your classification for the channel.
The classification complements the mandatory fields already defined by TB.One, so that you receive data tailored to your requirements.

What does the structure of a classification look like?

For detailed explanation on the XML classification see PDF file.

Channel documentation for merchants​

What is the channel documentation for merchants?

The channel documentation informs the retailer in a readable form about your requirements, which you have defined in the classification.

Standard template for a channel documentation for merchants

A template for a channel documentation is available for download.

Best practices​

  1. Definition of mandatory fields
    Mandatory fields are usually defined by adding a min-value attribute to the XML node defining the element.
    You can define Tags or Components items as mandatory globally for all categories, but this is a very rare case only suitable for things like color that are very common.
    More specific Tags or Components should be defined as mandatory on the lowest category leaf.
    Start with as little as possible mandatory fields. You can add more later if necessary.